81.Jodi Hanagan Photography
This image was left by Courteney and James Smith about their Wedding at The Bull Hotel in Wrotham on 2.06.2017
"Courteney Smith reviewed Jodi Hanagan Photography — 5 star
June 11 at 8:08am ·
Jodi!!! What can I say! You made our day! I expected people to comment on things like the food, the venue....my dress. But I can honestly say that the thing I got most comments on was you! We were blown away by you on the day and clearly so was everyone else. :D You added so many little personal touches, it was an absolute pleasure having you share the day with us. Thanks again Jodi"
80.Jodi Hanagan Photography
This Review was left on Google by Nicola and Chris Grant. I had the pleasure of photographing their Wedding on 27th May 2017 at Hoath House near Chiddingstone in Kent.
"Amazing is the word that comes to mind when writing a review about Jodi. Not only do we have some wonderful photographs to remind us of our wedding day but also great memories of our time spent with Jodi. Everything about the experience was effortless and fun, especially as she had the hard task of working with two very camera shy people! It was also so pleasing to hear that this was not just our opinion, all our guests commented what a lovely person she was. Definitely a 5 + star service from start to finish."
79.Louise & Craigs Alexander(non-registered)
Jodi was highly recommended to us by another professional so I already knew she would be great capturing our wedding day.
Jodi is very professional and full of passion. She made every effort to get to know us before our special day and talked over lots of ideas & photo locations. She arrived early on the day and got to capture so many special details, she didn't miss a thing.
We arrived home from our honeymoon to see a full gallery of amazing photographs which exceeded our expectations, we were able to relive the day all over again. She captured everything we missed in all the excitement.
We would highly recommend Jodi, her work is great and we especially like her natural ability to capture so many natural emotions and personal details.
We now have the challenge of choosing our favourites images!
Big thanks Jodi xx
77.DOnna ruddock
Just received the photos from Jodi of my 40th party. Jodi has captured so many memories for me. Some are full on Essex pout posed which are fantastic. But the natural ones where Jodi does what she does best, capturing the laughter, the hugs and some dodgy dance moves without anyone knowing they are being photographed are outstanding!!!!!! Can't wait to show everyone.
Thank you Jodi for being so professional to the point I didn't really know you were there and capturing so many memories for me.
Donna x
76.Angie & Steve Fathers(non-registered)
We had an amazing day which was made even more special my Jodi. She made us and our guests feel comfortable and this shows in our lovely photos, which allow us to relive our magical day.
70.Ellie and James(non-registered)
I can't thanks Jodi enough for documenting our wedding in such an incredible way. Jodi was such a calming influence from the outset. She was given a pretty hard task to take photos of a bride who hates having her photo taken and generally avoids cameras like the plague. Given this she made us feel so comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole day. Looking through the photos today its amazing how much an image can transport you back to that incredible feeling. We are so thankful to Jodi and feel blessed she was part of our big day. So thanks again Jodi xx
69.John and Kay Henry(non-registered)
Where do I start, there is so much that I want to say about Jodi...
I discovered her at a friends charity ball. The first thing I noticed was this huge smile, her whole vibe was so happy...and then I noticed Jodi taking photos by standing on chairs and laying on the floor snapping away. When we got the option to view the pictures on Jodi's website I was literally blown away. There was the whole night coming back to life right in front of me. These reportage images told the story of an elegant and fun evening. I could remember the conversation, the laughs and the songs we were dancing to. Every image was so clear and sharp... I just knew then that Jodi would be my wedding photographer, so a few years later John (my new husband ) and I set our date for 5th November 2016. I booked Jodi (I didn't even consider looking at another photographer). We met with Jodi in the summer at our venue and she was so enthusiastic, full of energy her ideas were so professional and cool. After the meeting John turned to me and said, "Kay Jodi is wonderful, you've made a great choice". Jodi also got a second shooter for the day called Tom. I kept in touch with Jodi via text and email (my choice) her responses were always prompt. On the day Jodi arrived with Tom, he is so charming and the working chemistry between them is so good. You just know instantly that they know each other inside out. I could hear Jodi and Tom discussing shots and ideas and 'yeah I was thinking that' or, do you know what I was just gonna say why don't we do that'.... when Jodi could see me getting over whelmed or nervous she put me at ease straightaway, Jodi would ask me "are you ok, how are you feeling, take 5 minutes"... our youngest child has ADHD and can become very restless and finds having his photo taken awkward... Jodi and Tom were so understanding and our son was so comfortable, he even gave Jodi a cuddle (that never happens) All of our guests and even the staff at the venue were complimenting jodi on how professional she was. I had booked Jodi from 10am until 10pm and as the time came for Jodi and Tom to leave I didn't was them to go, I absolutely loved having them around me. I feel like iv known Jodi for years.. Jodi sent me some sneak peak images and the quality of them was so beautiful and alive... When all of the photos were available to view the compliments came pouring in... "wow your photos are amazing" "my cousins getting married I need your photographers details now"! "I love the pictures they are so natural"!
I wanted reportage photos, I wanted to relive the whole day... I wanted images that would tell the story preventing any memory from being (dare i say it) forgotten. Jodi The images you took of our day are so alive they relive every wonderful and special moment... thank you so so much.. you are one talented lady X ❤️
64.Ian J Berry-Bowers(non-registered)
I first met Jodi when she was the official event photographer at a running race. Her photos there were great and our small interaction was really friendly and relaxed. It was the wedding photography on her website which really caught my attention. Fast-forward a couple of years to the special wedding day for my bride and I... and those wedding photos of Jodi were so good I had absolutely no hesitation in booking Jodi for our own special day.

Jodi achieved the seemingly impossible task of being everywhere at once, being smiley, friendly and never in the way, yet capturing every moment. She has an incomparable talent for being so brilliant on the day - happy and friendly with everyone, which enabled all ours photos to be natural and characters to be true to form and happy. Absolutely nobody had to wait around for "just one more shot" :-)

The quality of the images delivered blew us away. Such a wonderful collection of our special day. My Mum summarised it best when she said they looked like we'd been photographed for a world-renowned photographer for a glossy magazine. I totally agree. We're so lucky we met Jodi and have her photos to always remember the best day of our lives.
63.Jodi Hanagan Photography
I have copied this lovely review off my Facebook page Thanks so Much for this review Ollie and Jo Edwards whose wedding I photographed at Starborough Manor on 30th July this year x
Jo Edwards reviewed Photography by Jodi — 5 star
10 hrs ·
When I first met Jodi I instantly liked her (it's hard not to!) we looked at some of her work online and just by chatting to her knew she was the right person to photograph our wedding. Jodi perfectly captured our day giving us the opportunity to see the moments we missed and to relive the precious memories we made, absolutely awesome, a very talented lady, thank you so much!!xxx
62.Audrey & Don - Wedding '16 in Mayfair(non-registered)
Jodi is one of a kind. She covered our wedding. The pictures are absolutely sublime. She has done a fantastic work and when deciding for our album which pictures to take we were spoiled for choice: all the pictures were good!

Its exactly what we wanted. She captured lots of amazing moments. All pictures are of very high quality. Tom her assistant is extremely good as well.
Even before the wedding day, when we met, Jodi took the initiative, without us asking, of visiting the reception venue and church, to ascertain the lights etc. She is full of energy and amazing.

And when we thought it couldn't be better, we received our lovely wedding box containing our USB key. Absolutely perfect, down to the finest details.
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